Qualification Requirements For All Product List Sale on CarbonFrame.com

Supplier Type Requirements

1. Supplier Must be Processing type factory.

2. Supplier Must be a Wholesaler or Distributor with an agent or Authorization Certificate.

3. Supplier Must be familiar with cross-border e-commerce operations.

4. Supplier Must be have Stable supply capacity, strict quality control process, Professional after-sales service.

Product Certification Requirements

1. Provide test reports on related products, relevant certifications Must meet export requirements,

such as CE, FCC, RoHS, HDMI, UL, Bluetooth and other certifications.

2. Non-original brands are required to provide EU regional brand sales authorization.

3. Patented products, need to provide EU and US patent certificates.

4. Brand products need to provide "Gtin" (Global Trade Item Code) bar code.

5. Product instructions are required in English.

Strict Supplier Selection Process

To be our supplier, we need to complete the supplier qualification inspection, sample sending inspection,

door-to-door sampling inspection, warehouse sampling inspection, more than five qualifications certification

and product inspection at four checkpoints. According to the customer complaints, we will also carry out sampling

inspection procedures for suppliers according to different standards.

Supplier Qualification Requirements

Supplier Must be provide the "Business License" that has completed the annual inspection of the most recent year,

and the business scope is in the field of consumer goods, with business activities not exceed the business scope of its "Business License" standard.