<Reminder>Design Change of I-spec Shifter and Brake Lever 

1.New I-spec shifter*

<Model: SL-M980, M820, M780, M670>

*Only I-spec shifter. Band type shifter will not change.

Shape of connecting part to brake lever will be changed.

New models will be added “B” in model number, ex. SL-M980-B

2. I-spec conversion kit

<Model: SM-SL98-A, SM-SL78>

Same change as new I-spec shifter.

SM-SL82-B will be added for SAINT

3. Compatibility

The old and new model compatibility is as listed below. Please note a new shifter and a current brake lever – as shown in (a) – is not completely compatible and that a current shifter and a new brake lever – as shown in (b) – is not completely compatible.


(a). New I-spec shifter and current brake lever

New I-spec shifter is compatible with current brake lever assembled toφ32 or less handle bar grip by using special connecting nut included in new I-spec shifter. To make compatible with more thanφ32 handle bar grip, new I-spec shifter need to be converted with current I-spec conversion kit.

*Current I-spec conversion kits are available in XTR(SM-SL98-A) and XT(SM-SL78) only. SAINT and SLX are not compatible with more thanφ32 toφ36 grip diameter.

(b). Current I-spec shifter and new brake lever

Current I-spec shifter need to be converted with new I-spec conversion kit (SM-SL98-B or SM-SL78-B or SM-SL82-B**) for compatible with new brake lever.

**SLX conversion kit is not available.