Nipple Driver Assembly & Usage Instructions

The Problem Solvers™ Nipple Driver is a great tool for building custom wheels, enabling wheelbuilders to consistently set spokes to the same length, both on single wheels and specific builds of wheels. You may find it helpful to have a few Nipple Drivers on hand, each set at a different length, to tighten spokes to different lengths based on the rim depth of each wheel and subsequent adjustments. A short Nipple Driver is an excellent tool for disassembling wheels as well.

This Nipple Driver can be used two different ways, by hand like a screwdriver or inserted into a power drill. The setup below is the same for both methods of usage.

Required Tools

4mm hex key

Spoke cutter

Grinder or file

Spoke Size Compatibility

Use the table below to determine what size spoke you should use in the Nipple Driver based on the size of the nipple you will be using:


1. Obtain a straight-gauge spoke, either new or used.

2. Cut off the threads of the spoke with the spoke cutter just above the threads.

3. Loosen the set screw on the side of the Nipple Driver with a 4mm hex key.

4. Insert the spoke at least 65mm (2.5") into the tip of the Nipple Driver.

5. Retighten the set screw so the spoke is secure.

6. Measure approximately 5mm past the nib of the Nipple Driver and mark your desired cut location on the spoke with a permanent marker.

Note: If you have a specific measurement in mind, add approximately 1mm to the length to account for grinding and smoothing.

Note: We recommend beginning with a longer length and cutting back to a length specific to your needs after a few trials of wheelbuilding.

7. Cut the spoke at the mark and grind it flat and smooth, without burrs. The tool is ready to use.

Specific Use as a Hand Tool

If you’ll be using the Nipple Driver by hand, cutting up to 50mm off the rear of the driver is possible to enable it to nest in the palm of your hand while working.

Caution: cutting more than 50mm will make the shaft too short to use with a drill.

Note: Problem Solvers Nipple Drivers are not compatible with rims deeper than 45mm, such as certain ZIPP wheels.

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