The Backstop is designed for use on round tubes only. Be sure to check that the tube and Backstop diameters match.


1. Remove any dirt, grease or debris from the area of the tube to be clamped.

2. Lightly grease the Backstop bolt.

3. Close the Backstop around the tube and thread the clamping bolt into the Backstop.

4. Tighten the clamping bolt until you feel resistance.

5. Tighten the clamping bolt one (1) additional turn. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Overtightening will result in a stripped Backstop or a damaged frame tube.

6. Try to twist the Backstop by hand to be sure it will not move.

7. Before inserting the cable housing, make sure it is cut square and has no sharp edges. The Backstop is drilled for use with a cable housing cap.

8. The Backstop can be used for shifting systems or brake cables. Install the cables per your application and manufacturer’s instructions.

9. Test your application a few times, watching the Backstop to be certain that it does not slip on the tube.

10. Periodically check the tension on the clamping bolt.